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Rochester has a variety of rental options for a variety of different budgets. Maybe you want a sprawling double that feels like a house, maybe you want to live in a building with all the amenities, maybe you want a room with a view, or covered parking, or a backyard, the list is endless. We have lots of resources to make sure that renting is worry-free to allow you the energy for what’s really important to you.

Celebrate City Living is all about Rochester’s neighborhoods. Looking for what’s up and coming? Check out EMMA, Center City, or the Neighborhood of the Arts. Want to be next to nature while still getting that urban vibe? See what’s available in Highland Park, the 19th Ward, or Charlotte. Is it important to be near indoor recreation? Edgerton and Beechwood have R-Centers conveniently located inside their borders.

Use our interactive map to see which neighborhood fits your style, and then for a rental opportunity right in that neighborhood! Find information on the amenities and services located nearby so you know where you live is going to be just what you need.

Make a personal connection

Want a one-on-one connection? Come see us on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at Rochester’s Historic City Hall for our signature annual Expo 2017! From 10am-2pm, meet one-on-one with a lender, REALTOR® or non-profit service provider to talk about your personal situation. Talk with representatives from neighborhood groups, local businesses, recreational facilities, and more.

Want to know about open houses for awesome apartments before anyone else? Click here to register for sneak peeks!

Do some prep work

Want to be prepared for signing your lease? Check out Tenant Rights and Responsibilities ahead of time.  Or, make sure you are treated fairly. Read about Fair Housing so you know what to expect.

Feeling a little intimidated by your debts? Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester is a great resource to get you back on the road to financial success and into the apartment you want.

View the About Rochester links to learn more about Getting around Rochester, Recreation opportunities (the list is endless!), shopping and dining, arts and culture, and more. We’ve got it all.

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