The old real estate maxim “location, location, location” helped to create the EMMA (East Main, Mustard & Atlantic Avenue) neighborhood. Two of Rochester’s major transportation routes—East Main Street (originally called Schanck Avenue) and New York Central Railroad (now Amtrak/Conrail)—were key to EMMA’s growth as a community.

EMMA’s streets were once perfumed with the smell of mustard when French’s Mustard Company manufactured its condiment at 1 Mustard Street. The mustard empire was founded by two brothers, Robert and George, who bought a flour mill in 1883 in Fairport, NY. After it burned down, they relocated “R.T. French Company to Rochester. 

The Hillside Family of Agencies corporate offices now reside at 1 Mustard Street and another building on East Main Street. Hillside Family of Agencies’ integrated system of services addresses the varied, diverse, and complex needs of children and families.

Many people who live in EMMA regularly walk or bike to work, local businesses, libraries, parks, or the Rochester Public Market, or use the Rochester Transit System (RTS), whose headquarters bridge the EMMA and Beechwood neighborhoods. You’ll find many of EMMA’s other amenities along East Main Street and Culver Road. 

Fans of secondhand and vintage goods can hunt for treasure at Rochester Greenovation or Utter Clutter. The Hungerford Building, which bustles with life during the monthly First Friday celebrations, is located on the edge of the neighborhood near the soon-to-be-redeveloped eastern gateway into our city’s downtown. The corner of East Main and Culver is the site of a new artistic installation as a welcome from four local neighborhood associations: NEMNU (North East Main Neighbors United), Beechwood, EMMA, and NWVNA (North Winton Village Neighborhood Association).

From transportation hub to a slower paced neighborhood, EMMA neighbors are today working hard to revitalize the neighborhood and support the households with long family histories along with newcomers to this historic section of Rochester.


EMMA Neighborhood and Business Association, 585-794-0111

Humboldt R-Center


Southeast Neighborhood Service Center

Winton Branch Library

Sully Branch Library

Thomas P. Ryan Center

Virtual Tour of the Ryan Center

Neighborhoods are living breathing entities, which can change over time. Although we have tried to capture the essence of this area, the Coalition will be reviewing information twice a year to determine if any updates should be made. If you have suggestions for an update, please contact us and we will consider it at the next review.


Events in EMMA

Jul 14

ABC Streets Garden Walk!

July 14 @ 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm