At the center of the Marketview Heights neighborhood, the Rochester Public Market, now over a century old, remains a bustling hub of commerce and culture. The excitement of the Public Market attracts both city and suburban residents year-round, and a number of permanent vendors and dining establishments have recently sprung up in the Market’s warehouse buildings.

The Market District is an area with history and character. Originally home to Rochester’s laborers, who rented simple 19th century single family houses along the trolley line, the neighborhood now includes more affluent housing options such as trendy loft apartment and retail development Station 55. The Marketview Heights Association (MHA) is a not-for-profit community service organization dedicated to improving the quality of life within this neighborhood by emphasizing the need for decent housing that is affordable to people of all income levels.

The Marketview Heights Collective Action Project (CAP) through PathStone Corporation was initiated in 2005 to engage and revitalize the community. The group developed the North Union Street corridor plan. The Plan was to enhance North Union Street, the gateway to the Public Market. Together the group created a neighborhood resource center, five community gardens, and an annual summer block party.

Residents looking to get more involved with their community can look into joining one of the many block clubs, including Garson, Peck, Fourth, Hayward, and Fairplace (GP4H), which is one of the oldest block clubs in the city. The block club has been active since 1970’s. Volunteer groups are responsible for creating beautiful community gardens throughout Marketview Heights, and a number of buildings now feature murals from local and international artists.

As this neighborhood continues to grow in popularity, public and private investments seek to maintain diversity while adding value for both current and potential residents. Recently opened Corpus Christi Market Apartments and the Eastman Gardens apartments currently under development in the old Eastman Dental Dispensary, add further housing options for residents.

The East Main Arts and Market Initiative works to connect the Neighborhood of the Arts and Marketview Heights. The purpose of the East Main Arts and Market District Plan was to identify multi-modal circulation, access and parking improvements along with recommendations for land use development, streetscape enhancements, and community branding, as well as strategies to promote housing opportunities in the area.


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Neighborhoods are living breathing entities, which can change over time. Although we have tried to capture the essence of this area, the Coalition will be reviewing information twice a year to determine if any updates should be made. If you have suggestions for an update, please contact us and we will consider it at the next review.

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