Rochester’s Real Estate Treasures

So what are you interested in – homeownership or the convenience of a rental? You can also decide once you find the neighborhood that’s right for you. We have it all.

Come see us in person at one of our neighborhood celebrations – check the event calendar or Facebook to learn more! Or, save the date for Saturday, April 28, 2017 for the annual Celebrate City Living Expo event. Talk with a REALTOR®, a lender, a rental agent. But don’t stop there! Get a list of Open Houses for sales or rentals that are specific to Celebrate City Living. Take a workshop on leasing tips or the homebuying process, or talk with a staff person about what the R-Centers are and why you might want to live near one. Bring home a free childrens’ book from the library booth, taste something from a local restaurant, the list goes on!

Throughout the City of Rochester, you’ll find properties full of history, charm, and unique characteristics – gumwood trim and subway tiles, anyone? We have one of the largest collections of fine 19th and early 20th century homes in the Northeast. Even more remarkable than the quality and character of the housing stock, is how remarkably affordable it is. You’ll find something for every budget.

Rochester offers a lot of house – quantity AND quality – for the money. Based upon recent data, the median home sales price in Greater Rochester is about 60% of the national median price, with prices in the city of Rochester even more affordable. In addition, over 75% of area homes are affordable to a family earning the median income, compared to 50% nationwide, demonstrating that in Rochester, your real estate dollar goes farther.

Because Rochester’s commutes are much shorter than the national average, savings in transportation costs can be applied to housing instead – making real estate even more affordable, and quality of life even better in a couple of important ways! Check out the walkability scores of each neighborhood, or the RTS routes that make City living more convenient than ever. The Department of Transportation agrees and so does

 If old houses and homeownership aren’t your thing, there are a lot of new opportunities. Rochester is booming with new construction, and old buildings being repurposed into something amazing. Erie Harbor, for example, and the Sibley Building. The Rochester Downtown Development Center keeps track of what’s happening in Center City, but you can check out some of the developments right here on this site that are downtown as well as in many of our other great neighborhoods. Visit our Rental Resources or Homeownership Resources pages to get more information.