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Found a neighborhood to grow in? What’s next?

Your house is your castle, but like many fortresses, it constantly needs work. And furnishings! And landscaping! And other improvements…the list goes on.

Spend energy wisely

Feeling the heat in your home? Don’t sweat it!
NeighborWorks Rochester and PathStone have programs that can help make your home more comfortable in the summer or winter. They offer advice you can trust that will help you save money on your energy bills and keep your house cooler. A typical home can lose 20-30% of the air that moves through its heating ducts because of poorly sealed connections and other gaps. That means you could be wasting dollars—and losing control of your room temperatures.

Find out where you stand with a no-cost home energy assessment or workshop from PathStone or NeighborWorks® Rochester and then talk about your options.

NeighborWorks® Rochester has loan and grant programs to work with homeowners on repairs and maintenance. They even work with RocSpot to help people Solarize!

For those who are thinking of going solar…Keep in mind that by reducing overall energy consumption, a homeowner can reduce the size of the PV system needed to offset energy use. For this reason, implementing energy efficiency measures inside the home in conjunction with the installation of a PV system is often seen as best practice!

Grants, loans, and other financial resources

Feeling a little intimidated by your debts? Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Rochester is a great resource to get you back on the road to financial success without adding any new bills. The Housing Council at PathStone also has a confidential, HUD-certified counseling program if you’re having problems keeping up with your mortgage payments.

If you’re looking for a loan to help with repairs and maintenance, make sure you find someone who can answer all of your questions. Is a refinance best, or a home equity loan? Should you go with a line of credit or a fixed amount? Not sure how to pick the right lender? Word of mouth is always a great way to decide who you want to work with, and it’s often good to talk with your current financial institution and see what they have for their customers.

Enjoy your city

View the About Rochester links to learn more about Getting around Rochester, Recreation opportunities (the list is endless!), shopping and dining, arts and culture, and more. We’ve got it all.