Welcoming Diversity

One of Rochester’s many great traits is its real diversity. People from all over the world call Rochester home, and evidence of this colorful diversity is everywhere. An especially great place to see the city’s diversity is the world class, century-old Rochester Public Market! It’s a place where you can hear many different languages spoken; the cuisine, cultures, and customs of other cultures and lands; and in other ways witness the wonderful Rochester melting pot.

Today, the city’s population is truly diverse: about 39% of residents are African-American, and 13% are Hispanic/Latino. The Asian/Pacific Islander, African, and Eastern European/Russian populations in the City are rising.

Hundreds of shops, ethnic restaurants, and other enterprises throughout the city colorfully boast the fact that Rochester is a truly international city, with an impressive and endearing mix of ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities represented within our borders, and contributing to the life and character of the city.