Get Righted to Rochester

Rochester, New York is a 36-square mile city with a population of about 208,000, making it comparable in size to Richmond, Orlando, Birmingham, Winston-Salem, Akron, and Boise. Rochester is within Monroe County, which is one of the six-counties in the Greater Rochester/Genesee-Finger Lakes region (total population about 1.1 million). Rochester is the third most populous city in New York State. Situated on the south shore of Great Lake Ontario in Upstate/Western New York, Rochester is six hours from New York by car and train, and one hour by air; Boston is seven hours by car and rail and one by air; Albany is four hours by car or train; Toronto 3-4 hours; Montreal and Ottawa 5 hours. Buffalo is 75 minutes west by car or rail; and Syracuse 90 minutes east.

Bisected by the north-flowing mighty, historic, beautiful Genesee River (and its impressive High and Lower Falls, both of which approach 100 feet in height), the City of Rochester is separated to east and west sides by the river, and further into four quadrants (NE, SE, NW, SW). Thirty-six distinctive neighborhoods comprise the four quadrants (see the above Neighborhoods drop-down menu).

Check this site’s home page interactive map to learn the lay of the land of the city’s quadrants and neighborhoods, and to link directly to neighborhood pages.

You can also visit the City of Rochester’s map page to get better oriented to quadrants, sectors, neighborhoods, etc.

And thanks to Google Maps and its myriad interactive features (street maps, satellite imagery, etc.), you can virtually orient yourself and explore the City of Rochester. You can look at street-level, 3-D views of different neighborhoods and areas of the city, and even take a virtual walk around! (Note: many of the neighborhood pages offer starting point addresses for virtual walking tours in that neighborhood.) Click here to go to a Google Map of the City of Rochester.