Home Water Heater Tips from Ted

Our home water heaters usually come with a 5 or 6 year warranty. But you can have them last as long as 20 years or more with just a little bit of easy maintenance.

First, look it over. On the top you will see two pipes, one hot (be careful!), and one cold. They go into the water heater. That is where two types of metals touch. Rust  or corrosion will build up where two types of metal touch causing leaks. Clean them with emery cloth or a wire brush.


Next check the rim around the bottom for rust. That is an indication of an internal leak. Time for a new water heater because the bottom has most likely rusted out.


To keep that from happening be sure to drain the water heater for about 10 minutes once a year to clear out debris and sediment from sitting on the bottom. Very simple job to help your water heater last for years and years.

All water heaters have a faucet near the bottom. Connect a short hose to it and drain the water into a bucket or your basement floor drain. Watch – the water will start off murky and eventually run clear.

posted by Ted Wood, REALTOR®
Construction Manager, Corporate Real Estate Broker
Ibero-American Development Corporation

Ibero-American Development Corporation

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