Rental Housing Tips

Are You Looking for a New Place to Live?

Here are some Key Steps to take before you make a commitment to move in:

  • Research the various sources that list available apartments for rent. Examples include:
  • Contact the Landlord / Property Mgmt. group to schedule an appointment to see the unit
  • Call your local NSC (Neighborhood Service Center) office, within the City of Rochester or for suburban areas, contact the Town Hall, to make sure the apartment has no open code violations and meets the city, town or village requirements for rental property.
  • Check to see if the property had a Lead Inspection and passed, especially if you have children in the household (age six or under).
  • After submitting the necessary documentation to secure the property, schedule a time to meet with the Landlord or Property Mgr. to sign the lease and get the keys to your new dwelling place!
  • Before signing a lease we strongly recommend that you stop by and pick up a copy of the lease a day or two in advance for a close review. Highlight and question any areas that need clarification or modification. If there are any amendments that need to be made, both parties should initial.
  • Conduct a move-in Inspection with your Landlord/Property Manager and document in writing and with photos any issues that might already be present.  That way you can ensure that you won’t be held responsible for damage that was already present before you moved in.
  • When in doubt about your rights call the Housing Council at PathStone Monday-Friday from 1pm to 4pm at 546-3700 to speak to a counselor for free!


posted by Leslie Harvey, Education Coordinator, The Housing Council at PathStone

The Housing Council at PathStone

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